Derwent done!

With a huge drop in water levels and a freezing cold morning the forecast for a great days fishing was looking decidedly dodgy. With the river always being a conundrum for lure anglers due to its huge fish that play extremely hard to get, there was an array of tactics being discussed at the start. Pike were definitely going to play a big part, and England supremo Kevin Cox made sure in his own style that he was going all out for Pike. It soon became apparent that the Pike call was the right call and Kevin Cos stormed ahead and looked like he was going to take the 1st place on the podium. However a huge upset arose when news filtered in that Kevin had missed out a card on one of his pike making it illegible and the score would not be counted! Jakub Potrykus, no stranger to the podium in this competition took full advantage of Kevins Error and took the top spot with 194 points! Kevin was gutted to have missed out, but as a seasoned international he knows that he wont be making the same mistake, and Kev being Kev put his hands up fairly and squarely whilst admitting the error, fair play Kev. Taking the 3rd place was another Elite Pro League regular Adam Seeley who made up points in the league with another superb performance to take the 3rd spot and those valuable points, crawling closer to the top and chasing Tom Andrews all the way.

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KAYAK Season kicks off!

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