Elite pro series: Street Fishing

The Elite Pro league street fishing event is the official street competition in the UK. With an exciting 12 tournaments and a winner takes all £2000.00 grand final this has been the most exciting form of Lure Fishing we have seen at the EPL. Each round rewards the winner with 12 points and cash prizes. 2nd 9pts 3rd 8pts and so on for the top ten. At the end of the series the top 10 will go head to head in an exciting winner takes all final and be crowned the UK’s best along with a place in the hall of fame.

Elite pro series: Kayak fishing

Arguably the hottest contest competition in the UK right now. An accumulation of all the biggest and best events see the points awarded to the top ten. Last year saw a thrilling competition with events such as the Kayak Angler of The Year, Bewl, the WPC and many others gain those essential points. 2024 is going to be a great year for Kayak fishing.

Elite Pro Series: Boat

Some say this is the formula 1 event of the fishing world where power and prowess come together. Unfortunately in the UK we don’t have many waters where we can put 200hp engines on our rigs! However Rutland water, Grafham and Pitsford all provide great competitive arenas. 2024 will see a lot of changes in the way the league is run and points awarded so keep your eyes peeled.


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